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Faux Updating: Behind the Scenes

At a conference this weekend, in case I don’t update. In lieu of me, I leave you to marvel at the wonder that is Donny Osmond. I dare you not to spend this entire video staring at him.

Faux Updating: A Commercial?

Yep. Phoning it in today a little. But since football season started, I’ve actually watched tv, so I’ve actually seen commercials. I don’t miss it, on the whole, really. Particularly football commercials. At any rate, this one cracked me up, and even though I don’t particularly like Geico as a company, here you go!

Faux Updating: Videos of the Day!

Remember when this was the coolest video ever?

We sure have come a long way in stop-motion videos…

Faux Updating: More Harra Torpedo

Note: Hangover + Stomach Bug = TOTALLY NOT COOL. Harra Torpedo, though, is very cool.

Faux Updating: Harra Torpedo

I don’t think this has gotten nearly enough views…

Faux Updating: Video of the Day

Jenn-ism #8

Conversation with a coworker in the bathroom, as Wild Wild West has just come on.

Jenn: I love this song!

Coworker: I’ve never heard this song. Who is it?

Jenn: Escape Club.

Coworker: (blank stare)

Jenn: This song was big in 1987 or so.

Coworker: Oh, 1987. That’s when I was 3.

Jenn: (glares)

Open Mic Tonight!

For those of you who don’t know, John and I are also a band, Reverend Reacharound. We call it irreverent folk-punk, done in costume as a priest and a nun. Tonight we’ll be doing our first open mic at Hotel Vernon in Worcester. I expect to be there around 8, and go on sometime after that. Come on down if you’re in the area!

A mini-taste… My favorite cover we’re currently doing:

The Worcester/Shrewsbury Border Wars

As you can see, I’m catching up on getting the videos off the Flip camera. Here is John and I discussing briefly the Worcester/Shrewsbury border wars, as well as giving our own commentary to the on-going struggle.

You’re Going Down!

Why we shouldn’t give Ethan coffee…