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Sasha’s Tongue

I don’t know about this cat sometimes. She sat like this for a good five minutes or so, letting me get a couple of good shots. Taken with our most recent addition, a Canon PowerShot S95. And really, I didn’t even do much to the picture before I got this!



I call this a good picture of Sasha. Sure, she’s not looking at the camera, but she is sitting still. Taken with my Samsung Impression cameraphone.

Squirrels are Jerks

In my house, we have four cats of various levels of maturity. I use that term based on their behavior, not their age, as they are all either 11 or 7. The baby of the family is Sasha, not only because she’s the newest, but she’s also the biggest spaz. She also has the most enemies in the neighborhood, which is why they all need to be supervised on the porch.

One of her enemies in the neighborhood is a squirrel, and it is totally a reciprocal relationship. Sasha’s favorite place to sit is on the cat perch in the kitchen, and the squirrel’s favorite place to sit and eat acorns is also right outside that window. And I swear, that squirrel takes his sweet old time eating whenever Sasha is watching him. He’s just like that person who knows you’re on a diet, orders chocolate cake after dinner, and tells you how awesome that piece of cake is.


But the other day, it was chilly in the house right after I got up, so I went around closing the windows. Everyone in the house was asleep, including all the cats, and Sasha was curled up on the couch. As I got to a window in the upstairs hallway, above the kitchen window, I started to hear this noise I hadn’t heard before. It sounded like barking, followed by a purr/growl, then more barking. I looked out the window, and there was that jerk squirrel. Looking right in the window, calling for Sasha, and yelling, “Come look at me!! I’m going to eat some acorns!! Right where you can’t get me!!!”