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I Has a Ball!!

Just back from Washington DC, where we went to the National Zoo for the first time since I was about my son’s age. And there were panda bears, which are just as cute as you might expect! See for yourself – this is Bao Bao, who just turned one.

Beltane Extended Release Fire

Long time no post! This past weekend was Beltane (okay, so technically Wednesday is), which we spent at Cauldron Farm. No Maypole this time around, but there was an awesome bonfire. I tried out a little long-exposure action, and was quite pleased with how this one turned out. I can have a steady hand for about .4 seconds, apparently! 😉

Trail Marker

From a…kind of recent hiking trip John and I took to Hassanamesit Woods in Grafton. A very happy accident!

And hopefully I’ll be updating more…or at least trying to update more.

Monument, Moon, and Marines

John and I returned from a visit to Washington DC last week, where we were fortunate to be on the Mall as the full moon rose behind the Washington Monument. Even more fortunate to see Marine One delivering the President back to the White House. (We had also seen it pick him up at the White House after we were able to tour the inside.)

Super Moonrise

Taken at the fields by Tufts Veterinary School in Grafton, MA, this past Saturday. Amazing how having two people with big-ass cameras set up on tripods will make people stop while driving by. Oh, and they probably saw the Supermoon too.

Closeup 2012

When I first got Beeb, I was working at a portrait studio, so the obvious thing to do was to bring her in for pictures. She was adorable, and you would so have done it too. I’ll have to track down my digital copy, but this reminded me of that shot.

A Glimpse of Winter

Perhaps if I post more pictures from our only winter storm, we might get another one! (Also, no Photoshopping involved here!)

Sasha’s Tongue

I don’t know about this cat sometimes. She sat like this for a good five minutes or so, letting me get a couple of good shots. Taken with our most recent addition, a Canon PowerShot S95. And really, I didn’t even do much to the picture before I got this!