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Jenn-ism #10

Yes, I am coming back!

Me: I put my apple on my purse today so I wouln’t forget it!
John: You’re not out the door yet…
Me: (sadly) True…

Photographer’s Assistant

Taken on my cameraphone during a photowalk with John. Photoshopped just a little to get an artsy effect.

Photographer's Assistant

You, Me, and Chuck P

John and I with Chuck Palahniuk last night at his reading/signing. Certainly one of the most fun readings I’ve been to, and I’m not just saying that because I came home with an inflatable heart, an inflatable Oscar, and a poster. Oh, and autographed books. And, of course, an autographed duckie!

You, Me, and Chuck P

I really hope I don’t smile like that all the time…

The Worcester/Shrewsbury Border Wars

As you can see, I’m catching up on getting the videos off the Flip camera. Here is John and I discussing briefly the Worcester/Shrewsbury border wars, as well as giving our own commentary to the on-going struggle.