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Jenn-ism #11

Ethan and I have dueling finger puppets: he’s got an alien, I have a monster with a trunk.

Me: Aha! I sucked you up!

Ethan: No you can’t! I’m an alien with spikes on my head!

Me: I have a vacuum trunk. YOUR ARGUMENT IS INVALID.

Jenn-ism #10

Yes, I am coming back!

Me: I put my apple on my purse today so I wouln’t forget it!
John: You’re not out the door yet…
Me: (sadly) True…

Jenn-ism #8

Conversation with a coworker in the bathroom, as Wild Wild West has just come on.

Jenn: I love this song!

Coworker: I’ve never heard this song. Who is it?

Jenn: Escape Club.

Coworker: (blank stare)

Jenn: This song was big in 1987 or so.

Coworker: Oh, 1987. That’s when I was 3.

Jenn: (glares)

Jenn-ism #7

This one should really be on a t-shirt. And I will hunt you down for the royalties if I see it…

Make housework into a game…then your kids will do it for you!

In related news, Ethan loves drying dishes! He actually complained when I didn’t give him enough.