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One of my favorite things about weekday mornings…

Ethan Eye

Wide-Angle Ethan

We all know I love Ethan. I also really love this wide-angle lens.

Ethan - Wide Angle

Bear Picture – Age 7

When Ethan was born, he was 2 months early, and spent those first 2 months in the NICU. I visited him every day, and one day I arrived to see this picture taped to his isolette. Each of the babies was given a beanie baby to cuddle in their crib, and he had apparently just finished having a little fit over something or other.

Ethan and Lucky Bear - 2003

Since then, every year around his birthday, I take a picture of him with Lucky Bear to show how much he’s grown. We went out for a walk today, and I got a bunch of really great pictures of them together. This one might be my favorite, though. Might have to do with him devouring all my Calvin and Hobbes books, but there’s something Calvin-ish about it.

Ethan and Lucky Bear - 2010

Rainy Day

John taught me some new tricks, so I had to try them out. I like! New bear picture for this year coming out this weekend, when Ethan will be here for the weekend.

Rainy Day

Running Ethan

So while I think I could do this in Photoshop, I like getting pictures like this with just the camera! For this one, Ethan was running in front of me. I didn’t aim or anything, so that was luck. It was also dusk, with the sun having just gone behind the trees, so the exposure was a couple seconds.

Running Ethan

Ethan-ism #8

(Ethan is starting at me, just inches away from my head.)

It’s okay. I’m just looking at your hair.

You’re Going Down!

Why we shouldn’t give Ethan coffee…

Jenn-ism #7

This one should really be on a t-shirt. And I will hunt you down for the royalties if I see it…

Make housework into a game…then your kids will do it for you!

In related news, Ethan loves drying dishes! He actually complained when I didn’t give him enough.

Ethan Reads!

I love that Ethan is turning into a little readaholic!

Toy Ethan

So John showed me a neat trick with Photoshop on how to take pictures and make them look like there’s a toy something in them. My problem is that I don’t have lots of narrow focus pictures, since I’m a big fill-the-frame photographer.

Toy Ethan