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Ethan-ism #11

Ethan and I just finished reading Duck for President.

Me: Do you want to be the President?

Ethan: No. I want to be a weatherman.

Ethan-ism #10

Sometimes, I just don’t know…

I’ve been eating a lot of brains. And cheese.

Ethan-ism #9

This weekend’s weather forecast; take it away, Meteorologist Ethan:

Saturday: PM Showers, 58 – 71 (Mom, what does F mean?), 40 perhaps chance of rain.

Sunday: Scattered T-Storms, 40 perhaps chance of rain?!

Let’s skip to Spree Day on Friday – 81 and Sunny, 0 perhaps chance of rain, woo-hoo!!

Ethan-ism #7

We are in the process of reading a novelization of Disney’s Pocahontas, and we get to the point where Governor Ratcliffe puts a British flag on the shore.

Ethan: That’s supposed to be the American flag.

Me: Well, before we became America, we were part of England.

Ethan: Were you alive back when we were part of England?

Me: *glares* No.

Toy Cake

Ethan: There’s two wedding cakes!

Me: Do you know who’s wedding that is?

Ethan: Auntie Paula’s.

Me: How do you know that?

Ethan: Because I see her on the cake.

Me. Very good!

Ethan: And because you told me.

Anyway…great job picking out a cake topper, Paula!

Toy Cake

Ethan-ism #6

To be filed under Problems I’m Not Sorry To Have:

Me: Ethan! Finish getting dressed, then you can keep reading!

Ethan-ism #4

Today is John’s birthday, so this morning Ethan decided to give him some of his toys as a present, as he knew I already got him a t-shirt. I took them to work to wrap, so Ethan just needed to put his name on his after dinner. So, as John is putting his dish away, Ethan and I have this whispered conversation:

Ethan: What color is my present?

Me: They’re both wrapped in green paper.

Ethan: So which one is the t-shirt?

John: (starts laughing)

Me: (feeds Ethan his line)

Ethan: Pretend you didn’t hear that!

Side note: I already knew that Wholly Cannoli in Worcester had great cakes (John got me one from there for my birthday last year), but I can also report that they have awesome pizzas as well. Awesome, gigantic pizzas. I’m kinda glad I missed the first Weight Watchers weigh-in due to my possessed car, because tonight was an EPIC FAIL of dieting. A fantastically delicious epic fail.