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The Wicker Man Goes

Twice in one week! Just wanted to share this shot I got of the Beltane wicker man, just about when he was catching fire, and a few minutes before he toppled over. You might even be able to see some of the brave souls keeping him up in the background. Merry Beltane, all!

Beltane Extended Release Fire

Long time no post! This past weekend was Beltane (okay, so technically Wednesday is), which we spent at Cauldron Farm. No Maypole this time around, but there was an awesome bonfire. I tried out a little long-exposure action, and was quite pleased with how this one turned out. I can have a steady hand for about .4 seconds, apparently! 😉

Blessed Beltane!

This past weekend, John and I were happy to celebrate Beltane with our friends at Cauldron Farm in Hubbardston. I didn’t get any photos of the dance around the Maypole, as I was dancing myself. And look! We even got some of it right! May the coming year bring you much fruitfulness in all your pursuits!