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Cover Weekend: Perfect Day

This cover came out in England when I spent my semester in London, and was sold to benefit BBC Children in Need. I still think it’s a darn good version, and an awesome video.

Weekend Ukulele: Bad Romance

This is my go-to Friday song, and I think this girl does an awesome job with it!

Faux Updating: Noho Pride Next Weekend!

Yes, I have more pictures from Disney, OF COURSE. But I also didn’t work on any yesterday, so enjoy this promo video I helped to shoot before we left. Soooo many thanks to our friends John and Georgia Macey for shooting and editing! 😀

Faux Updating: Bust a Move

Oh, 1989! When standards were as high as, “everything you have is yours and not stolen.”

Weekend Faux Updating: Re: Your Brains on Ukulele

Have a great weekend! Hopefully I’m not digging out of an APRIL snowstorm… This guy does a really great cover. And, actually, after working on this IT project at work, this song appeals to me on a whole ‘nother level.

Faux Updating: Please Come to Boston

First, I didn’t realize that was the title for this song. Second, is this not one of the most random songs to get stuck in your head?? Third, I’m sure there’s a more interesting video for this on You Tube, but how can you resist? It’s a record player, playing the single!!

Faux Updating: Nirvana by Ukulele

Egads…am I turning into a ukulele blog? Probably not, but I just love that this exists!

Not-So-Faux Updating: Bring Him Home

This past weekend, I caught the Les Miserables 25th Anniversary Concert on my local PBS station. Aside from crying profusely during it, there was another interesting dimension I hadn’t anticipated. Through Facebook and Twitter, I was able to watch it with some friends around the country at the same time, as well as with my stepdaughter on the couch next to me. And we were all connecting! I love social media like that.

I also love Colm Wilkinson…he came on and I started flipping out in my living room. My stepdaughter asked if I was going to cry again, and, um…yeah.

Faux Updating: Mahna mahna

I actually do have pictures to update, but I just had such a wonderful time watching this with Ethan and Danielle last night that I had to post it here. Happy Friday!

Faux Updating: I Lost on Jeopardy

To quote Ken Jennings, I for one welcome our computer overlords. (And yes, we both know that’s from The Simpsons.) Oh, and I completely forgot Dr. Demento made a cameo in this one!