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Twitterpost: Fun with #Hashtags

Ok, technically, I’ve been writing this post all day. The first one was an actual complaint…after that, I got a little silly. I know, shocking.

  1. Some days I love the 8-hour break called work. Then I feel bad for feeling good about leaving the whining. Fun! #motherhoodsuckssometimes
  2. I find it a little disturbing how I can hear my skin sigh with relief when I put on moisturizer. #havingdryskinsuckssometimes
  3. It’s so hard to lay out the plastic sheeting just right…there’s always that tell-tale leak. #beingaserialkillersuckssometimes
  4. Craving s’mores… #beingavegetariansuckssometimes
  5. Just found the bobby pin I was using as a stylus behind a pen. And I’ve been dating things 6/18 all day. #beingditzysuckssometimes
  6. How does it feel? #sucksucksuck
  7. FYI…If you don’t know me that well, I have a dark kind of humor. And sarcastic. And I’m listening to #NIN now.
  8. I’ll spare you the story behind this one… #beingmaturesuuckssometimes
  9. I was talking to those who might be concerned about my emo-sounding tweets today. Obviously not you @litdreamer. 😉
  10. Because secretly I want to be Queen of The Army of Sarcastic Bitches. #aspirationsiamnotthinkingthrough
  11. #beingundeadsucks:RT @MikeWas -Go to Perform Konami code (up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, Enter)
  12. Last RT via @litdreamer – Even Ethan went AAAAHHH!! over it!

And if you don’t follow me on Twitter, you’re not really my friend. And if your friends don’t follow me on Twitter, they’re not really your friends. Or something like that.

Tweeting Thursday

So, I totally meant to do this yesterday. But I spent most of the day freaking out over WHY ISN’T MY GALLERY WORKING??!! And, in the end, I give mad props out to DreamHost Tech Support. I told them what was wrong, they did whateverthehell a chmod is, and voila! It works!

In the meantime, I spent all of Thursday tweeting. If you don’t follow me on Twitter, you…umm…should. Some days it’s very stream-of-consciousness. Particularly now that I have a pretty decent app to tweet, reply, and retweet. I’m @ifferjenn, in case you couldn’t figure it out.

So, starting in the morning at breakfast:

So Ethan the only child doesn’t feel left out, I play “I’m Not Touching You” with him.

As I got to work, remembering the guy behind me to get on the highway:

The guy behind me has the best Old Man hat evah.


When my hair turns white, I want to dye the hair around my face purple.

At lunch:

Hummus and balsamic vinegar make me happy. Though probably not if they were mixed together.

After lunch (a few now):

The eternal struggle: To work out, or not to work out. Ugh…I hate that elliptical machine. :p

@AlliesAnswers – I just kept waffling until I ran out of time before my meeting. Ah well…now I’ll have to wait till after. 😉

How long until I get fed up with my hair and tie it up? How about… … NOW!

I did go work out, by the way:

Is it bad that I did my 20 minute, high-intensity workout, and all I’m thinking about is trading those points in for a beer?

Also, I heart DreamHost! My gallery is working again:

And, after I got home:

@AlliesAnswers Thanks! 🙂

Off to watch more Sopranos! Perhaps I’ll even go two MORE points over today! 😛

Yes, I had wine with the Sopranos. And, finally, a surprise before bedtime:

OMG…Tony Soprano is now following me! Better not mention the you-know-what with the you-know-who…

Keep in mind, this is just a FRACTION of what goes on in my head on the average day. 🙂