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What?! Another self-portrait in the same month? Well…yes…

Self-Portrait 2011


What to do when you have a nicely-composed picture, but terrible light? Turn it into an art piece, of course!


EPCOT Fireworks

I’m going through a backlog of pictures from vacation, and was almost happy with how this one turned out. After I opened it, I rotated it a little to get the fireworks to straighten up. I know I’ve done good when John looks at one of my pictures and says, “Ooh!” 😀


Weekend Bonus: The Photographer

Self-portrait from the Connecticut Renaissance Faire, where I brought all the kids yesterday. We all had a lot of fun, and I’d highly recommend heading down!

The Photographer

Happy Noho Pride!

Happy Noho Pride!

Noho Pride: Hula Hoop Troupe

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of marching with Transcending Boundaries in the Northampton Pride parade. At the end of the parade, a drum circle had set up, and the hula hoop troupe marching behind us got into the act!

Hula Hoop Troupe

Florida Flower

Florida Flower

Rerun: Out My Back Door

Busy weekend, and will be getting back to picture editing…tomorrow? Until then, a nice rerun picture for you!

Out My Back Door

Chillin’ Out

Ethan and I were the last of the family to leave the Orlando area, so we had some time to kill at the resort before catching out train back. Last chance to soak up some sun!

Chillin' Out

Cinderella’s Castle

Yesterday was the Magic Kingdom! I only got 87 pictures, though. Why, you ask? Well, we got a later start, then at dinner Ethan starting having some pretty bad stomach pains. Aaaaand, a trip to friendly Florida Hospital in Kissemmee, a couple x-rays, four attempts at a blood draw, an IV, and a CT Scan later, we got back to the hotel around 4 am. Fun times! He is doing fine now, and he got to ride the People Mover in Tomorrowland, which apparently has a hard mission in the Epic Mickey game. And I got a decent picture of Cinderella’s Castle from it! (Which I only had to sharpen a little and rotate to make it stand up straight…)

Cinderella's Castle