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Ethan and Pepere

From our visit to Tower Hill Botanic Gardens, on the hay ride. Honestly, I think Ethan might like his Pepere better than he likes me, and that’s saying something…

Ethan and Pepere

Spring Concert

And yes, it was cold enough that he needed a sweater. Which I totally love, by the way!

These concert pictures were taken using the zoom without a flash. I thought they looked good on Wednesday, but between then and now they became all noisy. I blame the eclipse. That’s usually when I turn things into art prints, or at the very least put them into black and white. I did try sepia, but the black and white (at 65% opacity) looked much better. I like how you can still see hints of the reds behind the kids.

Ethan's Spring Concert

Mini Thor

At the Connecticut Renaissance Faire, and I wish I had noted the name of the vendor who made these iron hammers so I could plug them. At any rate, yes, there was a larger one, but even I couldn’t lift it.

Mini Thor



Chillin’ Out

Ethan and I were the last of the family to leave the Orlando area, so we had some time to kill at the resort before catching out train back. Last chance to soak up some sun!

Chillin' Out

Happy Homecoming Day!

Seven years ago, I wrapped up a little seven-pound person, who promptly fell asleep. Which allowed me to sneak him out of the hospital quite easily. And since he’d been there 60 days, the nurses were quite happy to be rid of him.

Hmm…shoulda taken a hint? 😉 Happy homecoming day, Ethan!

Homecoming in B&W


One of my favorite things about weekday mornings…

Ethan Eye

Wide-Angle Ethan

We all know I love Ethan. I also really love this wide-angle lens.

Ethan - Wide Angle

Bear Picture – Age 7

When Ethan was born, he was 2 months early, and spent those first 2 months in the NICU. I visited him every day, and one day I arrived to see this picture taped to his isolette. Each of the babies was given a beanie baby to cuddle in their crib, and he had apparently just finished having a little fit over something or other.

Ethan and Lucky Bear - 2003

Since then, every year around his birthday, I take a picture of him with Lucky Bear to show how much he’s grown. We went out for a walk today, and I got a bunch of really great pictures of them together. This one might be my favorite, though. Might have to do with him devouring all my Calvin and Hobbes books, but there’s something Calvin-ish about it.

Ethan and Lucky Bear - 2010

Rainy Day

John taught me some new tricks, so I had to try them out. I like! New bear picture for this year coming out this weekend, when Ethan will be here for the weekend.

Rainy Day