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Toy Cake

Ethan: There’s two wedding cakes!

Me: Do you know who’s wedding that is?

Ethan: Auntie Paula’s.

Me: How do you know that?

Ethan: Because I see her on the cake.

Me. Very good!

Ethan: And because you told me.

Anyway…great job picking out a cake topper, Paula!

Toy Cake

Ethan-ism #6

To be filed under Problems I’m Not Sorry To Have:

Me: Ethan! Finish getting dressed, then you can keep reading!

Ethan-ism #5

Sometimes Ethan just impresses the hell out of me. This is how he described his day today, after starting adderall:

The bad went down and the good went up. Like the part of my brain that wants to go tiptoe didn’t have to fight with the bad part. There was more space for it to be good.

Ethan-ism #4

Today is John’s birthday, so this morning Ethan decided to give him some of his toys as a present, as he knew I already got him a t-shirt. I took them to work to wrap, so Ethan just needed to put his name on his after dinner. So, as John is putting his dish away, Ethan and I have this whispered conversation:

Ethan: What color is my present?

Me: They’re both wrapped in green paper.

Ethan: So which one is the t-shirt?

John: (starts laughing)

Me: (feeds Ethan his line)

Ethan: Pretend you didn’t hear that!

Side note: I already knew that Wholly Cannoli in Worcester had great cakes (John got me one from there for my birthday last year), but I can also report that they have awesome pizzas as well. Awesome, gigantic pizzas. I’m kinda glad I missed the first Weight Watchers weigh-in due to my possessed car, because tonight was an EPIC FAIL of dieting. A fantastically delicious epic fail.

Ethan-ism #3

The only background you need here is that Ethan is playing Mario Galaxy for the first time in nearly a week and a half, because he had a GREAT day at school today. We even got a note from his teacher about how GREAT his day was!

Me: What do you want for dinner?

Ethan: I don’t know. That’s why I’m thinking about it while I’m playing.

Me: You’re focused on playing your game because you haven’t in so long.

Ethan: Yeah. But I eat a lot.

Me: (laughs) So you don’t need to think about what you want for dinner as much as your game?

Ethan: (brightly) Yeah!

Ethan-ism #2

(eying his grilled cheese)

Ethan: Mom, is this the cheese I like?

Me: Yes.

Ethan: Okay. I like this grilled cheese.

Though I will add that he has since decided that this isn’t the cheese he likes (never mind that he had a big chunk of it while I was making the grilled cheeses), and he is now on a Hunger Strike. Oh, I wonder where he gets his sense for the dramatic…

Jenn-ism #3/Ethan-ism #1

Because children exist just to echo their parents…

Ethan: Mom!
Jenn: Yes?
Ethan: Remember when Darth Vader cut off Luke’s hand?
Jenn: Yes?
Ethan: Good times…