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Ethan-ism #16

Me: Why did you break my phone?

Ethan: I didn’t! Puffy did!

Me: I didn’t see him…

Ethan: He’s a ninja.

Me: When did he become a ninja?

Ethan: (shrugs) Two minutes ago.

Ethan-ism #15

Ethan: (playing Kirby) When I lose my ability, I can become stone again.

Me: Why would you want to be stone?

Ethan: Because it’s pretty much the greatest.

I swear…has not seen Napoleon Dynamite yet…

Ethan-ism #14

We’re spending the snow day listening to The Beatles.

Ethan: What song is this one?

Me: All Together Now.

Ethan: Okay.

(a few songs later)

Ethan: What’s this one called?

Me: Let it Be.

Ethan: Thanks!

He asked both these questions during the chorus of each song, which both consist of the title being repeated over and over. Not sure he gets how songs are titled just yet…

Ethan-ism #13

Let’s just call this one a milestone: Ethan’s first emo poetry. I have absolutely no idea what the assignment was at school, but this was in his work from yesterday.

First Emo Poetry

Ethan-ism #12

At school, Ethan had to make a list of D words. Here’s how his started:

1. Dog
2. December
3. Dig
4. Do-h!

Ethan-ism #11

Ethan and I just finished reading Duck for President.

Me: Do you want to be the President?

Ethan: No. I want to be a weatherman.

Ethan-ism #10

Sometimes, I just don’t know…

I’ve been eating a lot of brains. And cheese.

Ethan-ism #9

This weekend’s weather forecast; take it away, Meteorologist Ethan:

Saturday: PM Showers, 58 – 71 (Mom, what does F mean?), 40 perhaps chance of rain.

Sunday: Scattered T-Storms, 40 perhaps chance of rain?!

Let’s skip to Spree Day on Friday – 81 and Sunny, 0 perhaps chance of rain, woo-hoo!!

Ethan-ism #8

(Ethan is starting at me, just inches away from my head.)

It’s okay. I’m just looking at your hair.

Ethan-ism #7

We are in the process of reading a novelization of Disney’s Pocahontas, and we get to the point where Governor Ratcliffe puts a British flag on the shore.

Ethan: That’s supposed to be the American flag.

Me: Well, before we became America, we were part of England.

Ethan: Were you alive back when we were part of England?

Me: *glares* No.