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My First Random Comment!

I’m not sure who’s reading this, aside from John and I, but I do screen comments, on the rare occasion I get them. Ooh! And this weekend, I got my first totally random comment!

Hello Man!, please, help.
What is a good description of what beer smells like?
Thenks, bro. I am vaiting for answer!!!

Well, blekanajone, if that is your real name, and if so, I’m very sorry for you… Beer smells like…er…beer. Or kinda like tequila, but with less of a bite. I’m afraid I’m more of a vodka gal myself, which doesn’t have much of a smell, since I keep mine in the freezer. It’s just better that way, trust me.

Oh, and being a girl…I don’t think I quite fit the description of “bro”.

Keep those questions coming! I’m always here to help. 🙂