About Ifferjenn

Why Ifferjenn Independent? Well, the simple answer is that this is my first blog that is independent of LiveJournal, Vox, Twitter, or any other blogging network. I actually do have a blog at all of those places…in fact, if you Google “ifferjenn,” most of those results are me. (For those imposter ifferjenns – I growl at you. Grr!!)

But for a more complex answer, I may have hit my mid-life crisis a bit early, and I’m striking out on my own. I’ve spent the past years trying to fit myself into someone else’s idea of me, and now it’s time for me to figure out what I think I should be. I do still wear many hats: partner, mother, cubicle dweller, photographer, writer, and many others. But at least now I’m figuring out which hats match each other.

Come follow me on my journey. If my past is any indicator, at least it will be interesting!


  1. Mike Says:

    I liked your blog site…pretty neat…I like the random things you posted…I am pretty Random as well…

  2. ifferjenn Says:

    Thanks! I’m glad you like what you’re seeing. I should be updating more regularly in about a week or so.

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