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Sasha’s Tongue

I don’t know about this cat sometimes. She sat like this for a good five minutes or so, letting me get a couple of good shots. Taken with our most recent addition, a Canon PowerShot S95. And really, I didn’t even do much to the picture before I got this!

The Moon

On the lovely Saturday that we had this past weekend, John and I took a drive out to Quabbin Reservoir, where we took a nice hike to Goodnough Dike. The view was spectacular, particularly as the sun set and the moon took over. So I pulled out the 300mm zoom to see what I could do!

The Photographer and The Photographer

Another photo from our trip to Provincetown for our anniversary. I actually took two pictures of my reflection in this globe of seashells, but it wasn’t until I looked at them later that I realized this one had John in it as well, hence the title. Very, very light photoshopping to play with the colors here – it was a gray kind of day, so most of the picture turned out sort of black and white.


Happy new year! I’m experimenting with a new gallery system, using a plugin I found for one of John’s sites. I suppose now I should work on more pictures to fill them up! Here’s to aiming for two posts a week! (By the way, click on the picture to see it full size – and let me know how you like the new style.)