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Faux Updating: Noho Pride Next Weekend!

Yes, I have more pictures from Disney, OF COURSE. But I also didn’t work on any yesterday, so enjoy this promo video I helped to shoot before we left. Soooo many thanks to our friends John and Georgia Macey for shooting and editing! 😀

Chillin’ Out

Ethan and I were the last of the family to leave the Orlando area, so we had some time to kill at the resort before catching out train back. Last chance to soak up some sun!

Chillin' Out

Spaceship Earth

Ethan and I finished off our vacation in Florida with a half day at Epcot Center. (Though I still prefer plain old EPCOT.) Since we were up late, we slept in and didn’t get to the park until nearly 4. But, Ethan still had a blast, and the fireworks were awesome! Farewell, Florida!

Spaceship Earth

Cinderella’s Castle

Yesterday was the Magic Kingdom! I only got 87 pictures, though. Why, you ask? Well, we got a later start, then at dinner Ethan starting having some pretty bad stomach pains. Aaaaand, a trip to friendly Florida Hospital in Kissemmee, a couple x-rays, four attempts at a blood draw, an IV, and a CT Scan later, we got back to the hotel around 4 am. Fun times! He is doing fine now, and he got to ride the People Mover in Tomorrowland, which apparently has a hard mission in the Epic Mickey game. And I got a decent picture of Cinderella’s Castle from it! (Which I only had to sharpen a little and rotate to make it stand up straight…)

Cinderella's Castle

Dancing Dolphin

Another winning park in Orlando is Sea World! I haven’t been there in ages, but with the first-thing-in-the-morning roller coaster, feeding rays AND dolphins, and seeing the animal shows for the first time through Ethan’s eyes, it was an awesome day. I should have a couple more good pictures, but I swear, this one is AS. SHOT.

Dancing Dolphin

STS-134: Space Shuttle Endeavour

Press release from NASA today (and oh, did I mention I was at Kennedy Space Center today?):

It’s a “Go” for Endeavour’s Launch on April 29

Tue, 19 Apr 2011 04:53:52 PM EST

NASA managers announced that space shuttle Endeavour is ready to launch next week on its final flight to the International Space Station following a daylong Flight Readiness Review on Tuesday. Endeavour is scheduled to launch Friday, April 29, at 3:47 p.m. EDT.

“We had a very extensive and thorough review today,” said Bill Gerstenmaier, NASA’s associate administrator for Space Operations. “I think the things that impressed me the most is that the team is still continuing to really work issues and look at the vehicle performance on each and every flight just like they would during any normal mission.”

“We’re ready to go fly,” Gerstenmaier said.

All analysis and inspections of External Fuel Tank-122 confirmed its integrity after repairs were made because of damage sustained during Hurricane Katrina, according to Gerstenmaier.

“It was a really good review today from both the station and shuttle prospective,” said Mike Moses, chairman of the Mission Management Team. “Endeavour and the team are in great shape.”

Endeavour is poised on Launch Pad 39A at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida. The countdown is to begin Tuesday at 2 p.m.

“The final processing flow for Endeavour is going extremely well out at the pad,” said Mike Leinbach, shuttle launch director. “I’m very proud of the team and we’ll going to have a good launch and a good mission.”

The STS-134 crew is scheduled to arrive at Kennedy on Tuesday, April 26, for final launch preparations.


It’s the Emerald City!

Ethan enjoyed Hollywood Studios much more than Animal Kingdom, so I had a much better time too. Finally getting him to understand that all of Disney World is pretend, so when we saw the Indiana Jones stunt show and Fantasmic, he was less freaking out and more enjoying myself. My favorite quote of the day, as Mickey sailed by on a paddle boat at the end of Fantasmic: “Mom! Mickey saw me waving!!”

Unfortunately, no good pictures there. So this is from The Great Movie Ride, which Ethan hated. With a passion. Though at least he liked the Wizard of OZ parts. We now have two days off from Disney: today is Kennedy Space Center, and tomorrow is Sea World.

The Wizard of OZ

Gorilla Man

From Disney’s Animal Kingdom, just outside the safari ride. I only took 365 pictures yesterday, and happily a lot of them turned out well. Though I’ll admit I did “cheat” and put the camera on full auto while I was on the safari.

Gorilla Man

Who Are You?

I’m on vacation this week, meaning that, of course, I overscheduled myself last week. I’ll be better this week!

I am staying in Orlando with my extended family, and out our resort, we took a walk with Ethan and my nephew. We found a pair of ducks with a 9 ducklings, but the best picture I got was of this guy. And I have no clue what kind of bird it is, since I’m not native to Florida or anything. Thoughts?

Who Are You?

Faux Updating: Bust a Move

Oh, 1989! When standards were as high as, “everything you have is yours and not stolen.”