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Faux Updating: I Lost on Jeopardy

To quote Ken Jennings, I for one welcome our computer overlords. (And yes, we both know that’s from The Simpsons.) Oh, and I completely forgot Dr. Demento made a cameo in this one!

Faux Updating: Creep

You know what’s a neat trick? I have my blog in my RSS feed in Google Reader, though I never actually read it. So I always have a post there! So I keep thinking, Hey, I must have posted!

Apparently that doesn’t actually work… 🙂

Faux Updating: If Filmmakers Directed the Super Bowl

This just gave me the giggles. My favorite is the Wes Anderson one, and not just because it’s all about the last time the Steelers won the Super Bowl. Good luck guys, and happy football tomorrow! 😀

Abe Lincoln

Detail of the Lincoln Memorial, taken with my camera phone. Obviously, I’m going through a backlog of pictures.


No Sliding…

Apparently, you aren’t supposed to have fun at national landmarks. Spoilsports…

No Sliding


So they say the groundhog saw didn’t see his shadow today, so there will be an early spring. I hope so, MISTER GROUNDHOG…