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Go Here: Reasoning With Vampires

We all know I’m a geek. One of the many things I find incredibly sexy about my fiancee is when he slips big words effortlessly into conversation. (*sigh*) One of my favorite reads is Eats, Shoots & Leaves by Lynne Truss. So I was happy to have Reasoning With Vampires come across my radar. The author, Dana, is going through all 5 Twilight books and picking apart the grammar, phrasing, and the relationship between Bella and Edward. Okay, the last one I’m pretty whatever on, but the first two are hilarious to look at. It makes me so glad I haven’t gotten into Twilight at all.

Oh, and today, she busted out the sentence diagrams, and won my heart.

Reasoning with Vampires - The Sentence Diagrams