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Faux Updating: Sex with an X

I can’t resist this one… Aside from the fact that The Vaselines was the best concert I’ve been to this year, and that I want to be Frances McKee when I grow up, John and I have a band where we dress up like a priest and a nun. And The Vaselines did too!

Faux Updating: Sick of You

Yay! Jenn is married, Christmas is over, and the New Year is coming up. I’m just about over all the overscheduling I’ve done to myself, and should be back to updating shortly. In the meantime, I’ve had this song stuck in my head today. If you haven’t seen Cake in concert, I highly recommend the show. I’ve been twice, and last time we had a sing-along to this. Their next album is out 1/11/11, and will be available at their website.

Faux Updating: Bad Romance – On the Rocks

Oh hai internets! I’m getting married this weekend, so I’m a bit scarce. But enjoy this! (Particularly all you Worcester Shakespeare Company kids!)

Ethan-ism #13

Let’s just call this one a milestone: Ethan’s first emo poetry. I have absolutely no idea what the assignment was at school, but this was in his work from yesterday.

First Emo Poetry

Giggles: Alec Baldwin Pimps for NPR

I am really enjoying the current pledge drive for my local NPR station, WGBH. Aside from the fact that they’ve moved Jordan Weinstein, the DJ who can’t read a simple sentence without stumbling somewhere, to the evening commute so I can hear him, Alec Baldwin has teamed up with Ira Glass from This American Life to record some promos.

I had to listen to most of them at home, as I was literally crying. They are hilarious! My two favorites: “Don’t Give” and “Alec reassigns Nina Totenberg.” If you enjoy them, please, give to your local NPR station…or mine!

Best reaction to these: the Irish host, Brian O’Donovan, replied in his thick brogue, “We all know that Ira Glass has his own take on reality.” I don’t think he was amused…

Ethan-ism #12

At school, Ethan had to make a list of D words. Here’s how his started:

1. Dog
2. December
3. Dig
4. Do-h!

Go Here: Reasoning With Vampires

We all know I’m a geek. One of the many things I find incredibly sexy about my fiancee is when he slips big words effortlessly into conversation. (*sigh*) One of my favorite reads is Eats, Shoots & Leaves by Lynne Truss. So I was happy to have Reasoning With Vampires come across my radar. The author, Dana, is going through all 5 Twilight books and picking apart the grammar, phrasing, and the relationship between Bella and Edward. Okay, the last one I’m pretty whatever on, but the first two are hilarious to look at. It makes me so glad I haven’t gotten into Twilight at all.

Oh, and today, she busted out the sentence diagrams, and won my heart.

Reasoning with Vampires - The Sentence Diagrams