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Check this out!

So yes, a couple things keeping me at bay. I’m working on Yule picture #2, and am nearly ready to post that. I also randomly broke a tooth last week (I blame my old dentist and his shoddy work), and wound up at a new dentist with an impromptu root canal. I really love the new dentist office, but root canals are painful, and I’ve only just been able to stand up to the Vicodin she gave me. And I have pictures! Luckily for you, they’re just the x-rays.

In the meantime, I want to go pimping out another blog. All of my latest wallpapers on my phone have been coming from the Don Kenn Gallery. He makes little monster drawings on post-it notes, but just saying that kind of minimizes the wonderful works of art these are. But on top of that, he’s using two of my favorite things: post-its and sharpies. Makes me wish I could draw like that.