Archive for May 23rd, 2010


Okay, so I was going to have a picture for today, but I’m just now getting them off the camera. Why? Well, I’ve turned into a full-fledged geek this weekend. Not only did I upgrade the memory on the Wii (then figured out the only reason it wasn’t saving the GameCube games was that that save cartridge was in backwards), but I took apart a laptop completely. Why would you do that? Well, if you want to replace the fan on a laptop, apparently you do so through the keyboard. Which means every single component has to be taken out.


I’m most impressed, however, that despite a stripped screw that had to be drilled out, I got the whole thing apart. Even more impressive, I got the whole thing back together. With only seven screws left over! And, and, AND everything works!! Well, the hard drive needed to be replaced too, and after pounding the stuck screws with a hammer and screwdriver, that got changed, and windows was re-installed.

And all the little geeks lived happily ever after. The end. 🙂