Archive for May 21st, 2010


Two things I found out with my last post:

  1. If you leave WordPress alone overnight it logs you out. But it doesn’t actually tell you that you’re logged out. You just get this on your screen:
    You don't have permission to do that, Dave.
    But note how they don’t say what you don’t have permission to do. So you can happily type out your blog entry and weep when you hit “Publish” and it sends you to the log in screen. Then you can write a worse blog entry. Which I’ll say happened, just in case you didn’t like my writing.
  2. I learned how to screen capture on a Mac! Since there is the annoying lack of a “Print Screen” key.
I didn’t actually lose my entire entry because I didn’t log in. Just the paragraph after the quote due to HTML fail. Which somehow resolved itself. But trust me. The first time around, that paragraph was awesome.