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I’m a Celebrity Stalker (Ok…not really…)

I had two New Year’s Resolutions this year…both of which I’ve broken, by the way. First was to update my blog every day. Which, as you can see after I took another week-long hiatus, is going just swimmingly! What can I say…I do have ADHD…

But to help with that, I also resolved to use my Twitter every day as well. Not that I’m asking you to follow me there as well, except that I am. I like the succinct-ness of Twitter, but more than that, I like following the celebrities on Twitter. At least the interesting ones. But it’s become a little weird…

When I first started following Twitter, I started following both Neil Gaiman, since I’ve followed his blog for a while, and Amanda Palmer, since I’m a big fan and she groped me at a Dresden Dolls show once. Shortly after I realized that they sounded like they knew each other, they announced their engagement. I was all kinds of giddy, which made no sense since I didn’t actually know either of them. The celebrity following became more odd when I was perusing Thomas Dolby’s blog (from She Blinded Me With Science), and saw that he appeared at an Evelyn Evelyn show with Amanda Palmer.


Aside from that, I’ve been having probably too much fun on Twitter. I started following The Bloggess there, and was giggly when she started following me back. And today, I’m heading up to New Hampshire to see Chuck Palahniuk kick off his book tour: a gig put together by a friend of a friend.

Wait…I actually know a real person on Twitter? How did that happen?