Tweeting Thursday

So, I totally meant to do this yesterday. But I spent most of the day freaking out over WHY ISN’T MY GALLERY WORKING??!! And, in the end, I give mad props out to DreamHost Tech Support. I told them what was wrong, they did whateverthehell a chmod is, and voila! It works!

In the meantime, I spent all of Thursday tweeting. If you don’t follow me on Twitter, you…umm…should. Some days it’s very stream-of-consciousness. Particularly now that I have a pretty decent app to tweet, reply, and retweet. I’m @ifferjenn, in case you couldn’t figure it out.

So, starting in the morning at breakfast:

So Ethan the only child doesn’t feel left out, I play “I’m Not Touching You” with him.

As I got to work, remembering the guy behind me to get on the highway:

The guy behind me has the best Old Man hat evah.


When my hair turns white, I want to dye the hair around my face purple.

At lunch:

Hummus and balsamic vinegar make me happy. Though probably not if they were mixed together.

After lunch (a few now):

The eternal struggle: To work out, or not to work out. Ugh…I hate that elliptical machine. :p

@AlliesAnswers – I just kept waffling until I ran out of time before my meeting. Ah well…now I’ll have to wait till after. 😉

How long until I get fed up with my hair and tie it up? How about… … NOW!

I did go work out, by the way:

Is it bad that I did my 20 minute, high-intensity workout, and all I’m thinking about is trading those points in for a beer?

Also, I heart DreamHost! My gallery is working again:

And, after I got home:

@AlliesAnswers Thanks! 🙂

Off to watch more Sopranos! Perhaps I’ll even go two MORE points over today! 😛

Yes, I had wine with the Sopranos. And, finally, a surprise before bedtime:

OMG…Tony Soprano is now following me! Better not mention the you-know-what with the you-know-who…

Keep in mind, this is just a FRACTION of what goes on in my head on the average day. 🙂

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  1. Literary Dreamer Says:

    Dunno. My mind is already scatter-brained enough. I need a good novel to read more than I need several unconnected sentences. Long forms help me focus better. 🙂

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