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Friendly Turtle

Okay, so most of the time you’re not going to meet a turtle with a personality. BUT! At my company picnic, they had a little animal tent, and outside were these turtles. And this guy must have been a cat trapped in a turtle body. For serious. He was running (!) all around his bucket, seeking out my hand, and wanted to be pet.

No wait, I guess that makes him a dog trapped in a turtle body.

Westford MA


Hey…it complements purple…

War Face

No post on Friday, as we all went to my company picnic. And it was kinda nice to be internet-free for a day. While there, Ethan got his face painted (I had to have him explain to me it was a dragon…I was thinking just a flaming face). Seriously, he is growling in this picture.

Westford MA


Also in my backyard…though not purple. Worcester MA

Thursday Threesome: WAT?

On the Thursday Threesome, I’ll choose a theme and describe three things that have to do with that theme. I’m kind of in shock over the last one, but here’s to remember our recent celebrity deaths:

  1. Ed McMahon – Interesting how I find out most of my news from LiveJournal/Facebook. Though I also learned that Ed McMahon was from Lowell. I’ll always remember him as the guy who would show up at your house with a big check…before they got those other guys. And from the Weird Al song.
  2. Farrah Fawcett – I’m sure more people will identify with her than I. Not being a boy going through puberty, like, ever.
  3. Michael Jackson! – Again, another one I found out on Facebook. I had only heard he went to the hospital when I was driving home. *sigh* I really liked him when I was a kid, and he introduced me to Weird Al in the first place. Yes, I also had a huge crush on him too (MJ, not Weird Al…though Weird Al too, I guess). Just…wow…

Have an idea for a Thursday Threesome? Leave a comment, and I’ll see what I can do!


This is one of those pictures I’m not entirely happy with, but there’s stuff I learned from it. I really liked how Faygo’s head came out, but she’s wrapped herself up in a light blue blanket, which turned out to make a really horrid background for this treatment. But I liked the head! This is one of the few pictures I cropped, if only ’cause I blame the hard time I had with it on the fact that it was a kind of lousy picture. Lesson: it doesn’t hurt to get more context with your pictures.

Worcester MA


So why does this picture have a number instead of a title? Well, generally, that means I liked the picture itself, so I didn’t do a Photoshop job on it. In this case, I did a little color adjustment, though I love how my dining room lights things like all the pictures from my childhood. Plus, I also couldn’t think of a good name. 🙂

Worcester MA

Shades of Blue

Need a shade of blue? Ogunquit Beach ME

Yet More…

In my opinion, you can never have too many pictures of purple flowers. These are on the stairs leading down to my house. Worcester MA


I had lots of fun with layers and the graphic pen filter. This rose was down the street from my house, just one single gigantic rose growing from the stump of a bush. Worcester MA