March of Dimes – This Weekend!

Hello all! I’m just realizing that April is about over, and Ethan and I are scheduled to do the March of Dimes walk this weekend at the Southwick Zoo. I am woefully behind on my fundraising, and doing a last-minute push for help. Click on the following link to donate directly:


To give you a little background on why we walk: Ethan was born in 2003, just shy of 32 weeks gestation. That’s 2 months premature. He weighed just 3 lbs, 5 oz., and was 16.5 inches long…just slightly bigger than a beanie baby. He spent his first 60 days in the NICU, which included his first Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years Day. Finally, he did get to come home the day after his due date, January 4, 2004. This was obviously a very rough time for us, but we are relatively lucky. *knock on wood* Ethan is doing fantastic now…he’s figured out how to breathe, didn’t spend all winter sick, and the only way you could guess that he was a preemie is that he’s a little smaller than his classmates. Other families aren’t so lucky…I know of so many NICU Graduates who will forever have health problems, learning issues, or other developmental delays. Plus, since Ethan was born, I know of at least 5 miscarriages among my family and friends. The March of Dimes is doing fantastic work in researching the causes of prematurity, and we are indebted to them for the work they’ve already done.


Any support would be appreciated:

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