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Thursday Threesome: Contests!

On the Thursday Threesome, I’ll choose a theme and describe three things that have to do with that theme. For a more lighthearted theme this week, here are a couple online contests I’m entered in. Yes, I realize this will decrease my chance of winning, but that’s how much I love you. Or…something like that…

  1. The Meanest Mom – Some of my favorite bloggers are other moms, if only ’cause they show me that not every mom is Donna Reed. Because, let’s face it, not every child is as well behaved as her kids. Anyway, she is doing a giveaway for a modbe swimsuit. It’s been…er…far too long since I last bought a swimsuit, and I can’t even find the one that I vaguely like. Even better…I get an extra entry for posting this in my blog! Bwahaha!!
  2. This American Life – On April 23rd, This American Life is doing a live show, which will be broadcast in movie theaters around the country. This is one of my favorite podcasts, and I really enjoyed their live one from last year, so I would love to go see this one. Alas (or yay, rather), I would actually like to go see one of my former students in Cabaret, so there you are. But, you don’t have to go to enter to win a limited edition print for the show! I think this would make a great addition to John’s concert posters.
  3. Green Gigs – Okay, I admit, I really only had two contests I wanted to share. So I did a search for another one, and this one looks promising. I would reeeally love to not commute an hour to work every day, particularly with Ethan starting kindergarten in the fall, and us becoming a one car household. (With the hour-long commute, guess who’d have the car.) Green Gigs is giving away a year-long subscription to Flex Jobs, a telecommuting job site. Sounds promising, and I would certainly like to take advantage of that!

Have an idea for a Thursday Threesome? Leave a comment, and I’ll see what I can do!