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See you later, Chewie

Friday was a pretty bad day for me. I woke up to an e-mail from Jeremy that Chewie wasn’t doing well. I went to the house to investigate, and he truly wasn’t. I had found out on Tuesday that he most likely had a brain tumor, and it seemed that the prednisone the vet gave us to perhaps help was hurting. Chewie couldn’t stand up, and was completely miserable. I made that last appointment for the vet, and John came with me to put Chewie to sleep. I am so thankful for John for being there, and for the vet who was truly sympathetic and seemed just as upset as we were. Afterwards, John and I took a ride, I had a nice nap, and we were able to tackle the evening. I will miss Chewie terribly…I was his person for a little over 10 years, and I could tell that I was his person. I will remember him playing fetch, talking for hours on end, and, of course, his complete Cat Attitude.

Rest well Chewie. I’ll miss you.